Karita Tykkä TUULIVAARA Jewellery Siiveniskuja
When time stands still,
what is left behind me?
Choices, actions and responsibility.
– TuuliVaara

✨This is one of my dreams. I would love to make bigger jewellery pieces like this one. 

I am so happy for the collaboration with Fedited and to finally see this piece captured and inspiring Karita Tykkä looks so beautiful wearing it. 

I usually do not write any blog posts but this time I really wanted to tell you the story behind SIIVENISKUJA. An interesting point in all this is that SIIVENISKUJA art piece is connected to my JÄÄ/ICE Jewellery Collection. And now I am going to tell you how!

I made SIIVENISKUJA at the same time I designed my JÄÄ Collection. The idea emerged from very global concern that we all currently have. I felt so overwhelming when I pondered about preservation of our nature and stopping or reversing the change in our climate and what my part should be in all of this. I honestly believe, that majority of people feel the same way as I, sometimes it’s difficult to identify the right choices from the wrong ones.

Siiveniskuja TuuliVaara    Siiveniskuja TuuliVaara    Siiveniskuja TuuliVaara 

 "A small change is better than no change."

I believe, that at first making small changes can lead to small correct choice and those small choices will eventually lead to bigger and more meaningful changes. A small change is better than no change. It is so easy to get bitter and make other people feel guilty because of the choices they make. But I believe positive actions and attitudes can make a bigger impact than negative. Everyone can make better choices and lead by example, without guilting and judging. We are only responsible for our own choices and not for others.

We really need to stop and think about the choices and actions that we are making every day. And we must take responsibility about those choices and actions. And I’m not saying that my way is the right way. I’m only trying to express my thoughts behind my work.

Every single wing in Siiveniskuja reflects every small or big decision we make daily. The reason why I wanted to make back jewellery, is that often the choices we make are left behind us and we can’t change the past. I was also inspired by the butterfly effect theory, that states that even the smallest thing you do might affect life.
So, my idea behind the work is, that the Dragonfly’s Wing stroke or strokes can make the Ice melt. Every choice, every action brings responsibility.

That’s how SIIVENISKUJA and JÄÄ collection are connected to each other. 

Love and More Ice! 

– TuuliVaara :) 

Posted 6.12.2018

 Karita Tykkä JÄÄ Särö earrings TUULIVAARA Jewellery    Karita Tykkä Siiveniskuja TUULIVAARA Jewellery 

Photos from Interview by Fedited about Karita Tykkä 
Read the Interview

Photos: Milja Laakso     

Dress: e/s design 

Jewellery by me: JÄÄ Särö earrings & SIIVENISKUJA art piece. 
JÄÄ Särö earrings are handcrafted and made of recycled 925 silver. 
SIIVENISKUJA art piece is made of recycled aluminium.

I am interested in making bigger jewellery pieces so if you want to collaborate just send me email. 

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