tuulivaara siiveniskuja tyrni korut sudenkorento


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TYRNI earrings resemble power and vitality. TYRNI is inspired by the summer and autumn colours. The fresh orange invigorates and combats the subtle tiredness. Orange brings joy and enthusiasm.

Every wing in SIIVENISKUJA reflects a small or big decision that we make daily. I was inspired by the butterfly effect theory, that states that even the smallest things you do might have major affects. Every choice and every action comes with a responsibility.

Product Details

Recycled 925 silver
13 mm x 80 mm
Handcrafted jewellery Made in Finland

Every piece is hand-lacquered with high-quality and individual composite material with ceramic reinforcement. Every piece is unique and colour may vary.

Shipping Info 

Finland 2-3 days
Rest of Europe 3-5 days
Rest of the World 6-14 days