Silver Jewellery Self Care At Home

Jewellery is made of recycled 925 Sterling Silver and we recommend that you keep good care of your jewellery. With time silver may tarnish and may develop a certain patina. Especially fragrances, body lotions, hairsprays may tarnish your silver jewellery. 

At home, soapy water and a soft brush can be used to clean silver.

You can polish your silver with a silver polishing cloth, that can be bought from certain goldsmith and jewellery stores. If you use a silver polishing cloth to polish your silver, remember to wash your jewellery in a warm soapy water, as the cloth may contain substances that might stain your clothes. 

You can use Silver Polishin liqued to get back the shine, but we do not recommend to use it often. Jewellery are like clothes you need to take care of them. We also offer service to our own JÄÄ Collection to clean the surface and polishing them back to their shine. Taking care and you`ll get life long jewellery.

Contact if you have questions or if you would like to use our jewellery care service